The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons

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The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons

18 April 2016

There is a long and unbroken tradition in our country of celebrating Royal jubilees, weddings, coronations and special birthdays with the lighting of beacons – on top of mountains, churches and castle battlements, on town and village greens, farms, country parks and estates, and along the beaches surrounding our shores. The marking of the 90th Birthday of the Queen will be seen by officially registered beacons being lit across England on Thursday 21st April. We have officially registered Tablers Wood as a place where this will be happening.

Who is invited?

This event is open to the families of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers of 1st Snaith Scouts. The local girl guiding section of 1st Snaith and their families will be invited also. The event is a family event. All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. We do expect the young people to be in uniform shirt and necker for the lighting of the beacon as a mark oif respect though this is not required before or after the formal part of the evening.


The event will cost £2 per entry per under 18. Adults go free. The £2 entry entitles the taking part of a treasure hunt, craft activities and if they wish they can have a go at fire lighting (something that the adults often seem to get competitive about!). There will also be a few ‘to pay for’ stalls (cake stalls and games with a royal theme) as well as tea, coffee, pop and similar which will be available for purchase. Any monies raised from the event will be raising funds for our newly opened Explorer Scout section to aid their attendance to the jamboree in Finland this year.


The event is open 6.30 – 8.30 with the lighting of the Beacon being at 7.30. It is a drop in event, you can come for all or some of it.


For safety, we need an idea of numbers attending. It is only the children that have to pay but we really would appreciate knowing how many family members are attending. The monies can be paid in advance to your leader. Alternatively you can email us using the addresses below. Attendees on the night without prior payment will only be admitted if it is safe to do so.

Further information – please email or

The Explorer Scout Team (1st Snaith)