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How Much Does it Cost?



As a minimum, all youth members are expected to wear the uniform top relevant to their section. Typically these cost from £12 for a Beaver sweatshirt to £17 for a Scout shirt. Other items are optional.

We know that Scouting isn’t for everyone, so we don’t expect uniform to be worn in the first half term.


Subs are paid by all our youth members to cover the costs of running the group. This includes The Scout Association annual membership fee (which is paid by every member in the United Kingdom), badges, materials used week by week, equipment such as tents and compasses, insurance and rental on buildings that we use.

Subs are payable whether a member attends on a particular week or not. This is because a large proportion of our costs are fixed.

We don’t charge subs for the first half term that a young person attends the Group.

Subs- Snaith Based Sections

Members at our Snaith based sections pay £20 per half term.

We are now using Online Scout Manager to let you pay online for your child’s scouting – this is easier for you and easier for us! It’ll take under a minute to set up – all you need is your bank details.

We would like you to set up direct debits for the payment schedules for your child – you will be notified each time a new payment is added to the schedule and you can cancel the direct debit at any time. Alternatively, you can pay for individual items from the payment schedules as one-off transactions.

If this is the first time you are using the new system, check your emails for a message from (please check your spam folder and ensure that you have added to your address book) and click on the link provided to set up your direct debit or make a one-off payment. When you do this, you will also have the opportunity to create your own My.SCOUT account using your email address and setting up a password.

If you already have a My.SCOUT account, click on the image below to log in.

Online Scout Manager

Using this system is very safe as direct debits are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, and GoCardless (the payment system) is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Subs – Rawcliffe Bridge Based Sections

Members at our Rawcliffe Bridge based sections pay £20 per half term.

We have recently moved over to online payments in line with Snaith. Please see the details above about logging in to My.SCOUT to manage payments

Camps and Activities

Most sections run at least 3 camps and activities over the year, with the Scout section often running 5 or 6 events.  While they are optional, these activities are an integral part of the programme and are a fundamental part of being a Scout.

Camps and activities vary in cost dependent on the location, the activities provided and whether the group is providing transport.

We would like every member to take part in at least one “night away” each year. To make this affordable we aim to provide at least one weekend camp per year that costs £25 or less. Typically this is a local event and has the group leaders providing more basic activities.

Longer events and more specialist activities requiring external instructors or equipment will cost more. For example a winter weekend indoor camp with minibus transport provided might be in the region of £75.

Activity Clothing and Equipment

Young people do need basic clothing and equipment to participate safely in a range of activities. Most of this is useable outside Scouting and much you will have already. Please have a look at our Camp Kit List and Hike Kit List on the website.

Open To All

While we can’t make Scouting free, we do not want cost to be a barrier to active Scouting for any young person. In cases of genuine hardship we do want to help. Please contact the Group Scout Leader in absolute confidence.