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Behaviour Policy

The Beavers/Cubs  have developed their own rules, which will help them to have the most fun and allows the meetings to run well:

  • Try your best in all activities.
  • Show respect to everyone.
  • Listen and pay attention at all times (especially when someone else is speaking).
  • No pushing or fighting.
  • Wear Beaver / Cub uniform at every meeting unless told otherwise.
  • No bullying or bad language.

Poor behaviour is not only unfair on the Section Leaders, it is also unfair on those Beavers/Cubs who are behaving and want to get on with their activities.

We therefore have a clear YELLOW / RED CARD behaviour policy, so that all Beavers/Cubs and parents know exactly what is expected and how we will deal with unacceptable standards.

It also allows us to track behaviour over time, should we need to take further actions that could result in exclusion from the Group.

Step 1 – Low level unacceptable behaviour issues result in a VERBAL WARNING. This will consist of being told to stop whatever they are doing and being warned that continuing with the poor behaviour will result in a YELLOW CARD.

Examples of low level unacceptable behaviour include –

  • Continual talking when a Leader has asked for quiet.
  • Deliberate breaking the rules of a game.
  • Doing something after you have been told not to.


Step 2 – If the behaviour continues after receiving a verbal warning a YELLOW CARD will be given resulting in exclusion from the activity for a set time. A letter will also be issued at the end of meeting to keep you informed and no further action will be taken for the occasional YELLOW CARD. However, repeated YELLOW CARDS will result in a meeting been arranged with the parent/guardian .

NOTE: Behaviour of a more serious level will also result in an immediate issue of a YELLOW CARD.

Examples of this type of behaviour include:

  • Physical contact, pushing, etc. (Both parties receiving punishment)
  • Name calling, etc.


Step 3 – If the behaviour still continues when they re-join the activity they will receive a RED CARD. Details of issue will be noted and they will not be allowed to take any further part in the meeting. Then, depending on the situation, the Section Leader will either send for the parent/guardian to collect the child early if enough time to allow that to happen. If not the parent/guardian will be informed of the RED CARD incident when you collect.

NOTE: Certain offences  result in the immediate issue of a RED CARD.

Examples of these include:

  • Totally unprovoked physical attack on another person
  • Vandalism of Scout Group property or equipment, etc.


Suspension: If a Cub/Scout receives a RED CARD, then that Beaver or Cub will be suspended from the next Pack/Troop meeting. A formal meeting will be organised before he or she can return.

Continual offending could result in been asked to leave group for good.