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Beavers Farm to Fork visit to Tesco

10 June 2015

The Beavers have been busy visiting Tesco as part of the Farm to Fork initiative. The Beaver Scouts had a great time trying lots of new different healthy foods including different fruits such as pineapple, physalis, apple, kiwi and passion fruits (to name a few). We also tried lots of normal and odd cheeses such as Red Leicester, Blue Cheese, Chocolate Cheese and Chilli Cheese. Just look at the photos and you will see that some Beavers found them not so nice! Everyone tried something new which was absolutely fantastic.

We then got to go around the shop and find where all the vegetables and fruits came from – some came from thousands of miles away!

The Beavers were amazed that they then got to go in to walk in the fridges and freezers…. it was freezing!

Thanks Tesco for letting us visit!

Sue Howson
Beaver Scout Leader
1st Snaith Scout Group

Beavers_Tesco_20160510_01 Beavers_Tesco_20160510_02 Beavers_Tesco_20160510_03
Beavers_Tesco_20160510_04 Beavers_Tesco_20160510_05 Beavers_Tesco_20160510_06
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