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Welcome to Cubs

Before you can be Invested you need to learn about the following and pass the 10 question test to show your commitment to Cubs. (You do not have to score full marks, your Leader will tell you more about it. Do not worry, you have several weeks to prepare for it.)

Promise, Law and Motto

Every Cub Scout says the Cub Promise and Law when he/she is invested into the Pack.

Cub Scout Promise (Test Question 1: Say the full Cub Scout Promise)

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God

And to the Queen,

To help other people

And to keep the Cub Scout Law

Cub Scout Law (Test Question 2: Say the full Cub Scout Law)

Cub Scouts always do their best

Think of others before themselves

And do a good turn every day

Cub Scout Motto (Test Question 3: Say the Motto)

Be Prepared

The Scout Handshake


Cub Scouts (and everyone else in the Scout family) shake hands with their left hand. (Test Question 4: Why do we shake with our left hand?)

The tradition was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell. When he was a soldier in Africa, he saw lots of tribal chiefs who carried spears and shields. He noticed that it was a sign of great trust to offer your left hand when shaking hands. This was because you had to put down your shield, and leave the other person holding their spear.

The Scout Salute (Test Question 5: Make the Scout Salute)


The Scout Salute is made with the right hand.

The three fingers that you hold up should remind you of your Promise to:

  • Do your duty to God and to the Queen
  • Help other people
  • Keep the Cub Scout Law


The Scout Sign (Test Question 6: Make the Scout Sign)


When you make your Promise during your Investiture you make a special kind of salute called the Scout Sign. It is the same as the Scout Salute except that you hold your hand at shoulder height instead of putting it up to your head.





The Start of Scouting


Scouting was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell who was an Officer in the British Army (Test question 7: Who started Scouting?).

He organised the very first Scout Camp in 1907 and it took place on Brownsea Island (Test question 8: Where was the  first Scout camp held?)


Wolf Cubs and The Jungle Book

In 1914 Lord Baden-Powell started an experimental scheme for younger boys. As Lord Baden-Powell was good friends with Rudyard Kipling, the author of the Jungle Book.  He based the structure of Wolf Cubs on this book. This is why the Leader of the Pack is called Akela.

The First Grand Howl

The very first public gathering of Wolf Cubs included a Grand Howl and took place on 16 December 1916. (Test Question 9: When was the year of first Grand Howl?)

The First Cub Scouts

In 1966 the Wolf Cubs changed their name to Cub Scouts. Instead of working for stars, they worked for three Arrow Badges. In 1991 more changes were made, with the badges being updated and girls being allowed to join for the first time. Most Groups now have girls in their Cub Packs. (Test Question 10: Is Scouting open to Girls?)

Worldwide Family of Scouting

Cub Scouts are members of a worldwide family of Scouting that includes most of the countries in the world. Cubs in different countries will wear different uniforms, have different names and receive different badges from you (though most of them will have the same Membership Badge) – but they all enjoy having fun!

Every four years, Scouts from all around the world meet up to camp together at a special event called a World Jamboree. This gives them a chance to make new friends and find out about each other’s cultures.