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We have 2 Beaver Scout sections, one based in Snaith from  Wednesday and one in Rawcliffe Bridge from on a Monday. Both sections attend the same activities, events and camps and both have a fantastic leadership team. We have over 35 Beaver Scouts in regular attendance at 1st Snaith and they certainly are a lively fun loving bunch.

Our Beaver Scout section are the youngest section in scouting. Aged 6-8 years old, our boys and girls enjoy a very varied programme – often undertaking activities they wouldn’t normally get to do at this age. We offer the option of  3-4  camps or nights away per year either camping or indoors where the Beaver scouts really get to learn new skills and grow in confidence.

Activities over the past year have included archery, climbing, pedal carting, grass sledging, camping, cooking, rifle shooting, treasure hunting and a lot of glue, glitter and creativity.

All Beaver Scouts get the chance over the 2 years to attain their Chief Scout Bronze award through hard work and trying new experiences. There is also a lot of mud, stickiness and mess thrown in too.

Our Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

Our Beaver Chant

1, 2, 3, who are we?
We are Beavers as you see
B.E A.V.E.R.
Beaver Scouts that’s who we are